Paragliding – Lima, Peru

Next day after sleeping in, we found out that the wind was up allowing us to go paragliding. After being strapped in front of a non English speaking instructor, the wind briskly swept us away.

We sailed through the clear blue sky and I was in awe at how peaceful it was. Looking down over the Lima coastline and over the huge city sprawl boasting patches of green. I heard some beep beep beeping in my ear and looked back to find my instructor sending an SMS to someone. I guess to him this is just another day on the job, nothing special, cept that we were hundreds of meters high.

A few of us girls perused an art gallery on the way home, sampling the coffee shops pastries as we chatted in the gardens. That night, I went to a restaurant and watched a band playing Peruvian music in an upscale neighbourhood called Miraflores. Several times through the night the music seemed to overtake people and they would just get up and start dancing. I practiced some Spanish with Erika as we drank sangria and watched her boyfriend play the coolest looking hollow guitar.

The next day, I went to a clothing market which is on the “wrong” side of town but was supposed to be the best in Lima. I really didn`t need anything but thought it would be interesting to go along for the ride. Imagine 10 blocks of shops, kiosks, and street vendors all selling clothes. The street was closed to cars and people were shoulder to shoulder as they milled in and out of the sometimes 6 story buildings. It seemed that if you could wear it, they were selling it. Some of the strangest concoctions but I also concluded that if I lived here I would probably be very well dressed.

One of my favorite things was the man standing in the middle of the intersection blowing bubbles. Like a people traffic cop because cars are to people like whistles are to bubbles, right? It was just so cool to see them waft up gently up up and away above the hectic movement and bustle of the crowd.

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