Dirt piles – Lima, Peru

So I told you I was going paragliding but the wind was not up so a small group of us hopped in a cab and went to the ruins instead. As we walked up on it, I thought it was just a giant dirt pile until I noticed the tiny brick-like make up. Kinda like a really messy and uneven attempt at pyramids but spread out in a whole village going for miles.

We walked around the site which was riddled with archaeologists that actually looked like they were building the thing the way they were carting around wheelbarrows of dirt and bricks. We had a guide who told us all we needed to know about it but unfortunately it was in Spanish so only a few of us understood. It seems many of us are just beginners knowing only `survival spanish` right now. John was kind enough to give us a general idea and to me it seemed like a big hippie communal civilization used to hang out here.

Afterwards, we visited a market which was more like an open air shopping center. After the “markets” in Africa, I shocked at how store like they are here. They even take credit cards and sell everything from carvings to alpaca wool to paintings to leather. Altho I was tempted by the densely soft teddybears and slippers made of alpaca (beats Gund hands down), I walked away with nothing.

The cab rides are very cheap here averaging 5 soles (2.7 soles to 1 CAD) to go most places. Altho you must bargain this is usually half the fun as you get to practice your Spanish killing two birds with one stone. That night, I ended up staying up till 8am partying away falling into bed just as the full sun hit my bed.

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