Hola South America – Lima, Peru

Just wanted to drop a quick note that I got here ok. All those warnings about the Lima airport were unnecessary. It went as smooth as butter. I was pleasantly surprised with LanChile as well because I have heard that they are a weak link.

The flight went well expect that I left a sweater and my wallet on the plane and they wouldn`t let me go back to get it. I was a bit concerned because it was about to take off again with my stuff still on it when at the last minute the ground staff brought it to me. Phew.

I sat in the airport with the lady who met me and practiced Spanish. She practiced her English and some guy turned around and started getting help with his English too. We spent alot of time trying to distinguish between back and bag.

Finally, Ricardo the taxi driver came and gave me a really great tour around Lima at night. There was really no one around the streets so it was hard for me to imagine it was as dangerous as he was warning. I got to see the major squares and got a pretty good idea of the architecture. But at this point it was 4am and I was exhausted.

I got to my hostel and fell into bed. My first impression of South America is good and I am no longer worried about how things are going to pan out. They will be just fine. I have already been invited paragliding so I should run. And not to rub it in but you cant imagine how nice it is to be in hotness again. Where are those shorts?

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