Gurgles and Glurps – Los Angeles, California, United States

Just hanging out in Los Angeles enjoying their generic year round weather. Can you believe that as soon as I finished writing that last entry, Liz and I went outside and the sun came out? It seemed to clear up in seconds but it looked stunning with the transparent clouds wafting by.

We stopped at a beach and I thought of what a shame it was that I came all the way to Hawaii and didn`t even go into the ocean. But then the rainbow came out. One of the best yet, I might add. The parking lot to the beach was flooded and we had to do some maneuvering to get past it but it was worth it.

On the morning of my last day, we ate fish tacos (which is apparently something you MUST do in Maui) with pineapple salsa at a place called Maui Taco. Then I found a Hawaii flag for my pack. I still don`t know why they aren’t their own country. I really didn’t feel like I was in the states while I was there. The sun was beaming down and man, it was hot. I looked out the window at it just before I boarded my plane thinking this was a place that I wasn’t finished with.

I landed in LA and the airport was crazy. They won`t even let people drive in to the area. After a short shuttle ride, Fred picked me up whisking me away updating me on all the latest. I met Fred and Annie on an Alaskan cruise on 9/11. We talked about how we would never forget the anniversary of our friendship not to mention the fact that Fred and I share a birthday.

Today, we visited the La Brea Tar Pits and the museum. I am still traumatized by being rejected by Disneyland when I was 6 and now Universal Studios is more about rides than movie making. So instead, I learned all about…well, tar. It was kinda gross the way it just bubbles up like that and it smells funky. Like a giant fart pond in the middle of LA. And you thought it was all Hollywood.

In the museum, there are lots of mammoth and sabre tooth CAT bones. I found it strange that in all the fossils and carcasses found in there over the thousands of years, there is only one human. We ate traditional Ethiopian food for lunch and I was impressed that no matter what food you wanted that it was not far away.

We drove around streets like Rodeo Drive and Sunset Blvd but I didn`t see anyone famous. Infact the streets were pretty empty. Where are all the people? Maybe they are stuck in the airport. We went down to Santa Monica and walked along the promenade checking out a few shops then made the crazy drive home through rush hour…ohhhh, that`s where they all were.

We went for dinner with Annie and had not one, not two but many good laughs. We watched some TV before bed to “unwind” and I was slightly amused at how many reality shows there are. And a caught a snippet of CNN where the very serious news man talks about how they are going to start fingerprint people at airports now to identify the people from “terrorland”. Yes, boys and girls, that is the exact word he used. And to think, all this time I thought it was “terrortown”.

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