Rainbow New Year – Maui – Hawaii, United States

Hawaii is a place a resisted for a long time because it seemed like the typical honeymoon 80`s holiday spot. But what a sweet surprise. I can`t believe its been so close my whole life.

After the first day, it has been raining the whole time (and how!) but somehow, its not dampening my fun in the least. I mean, the heavy thick clouds billowing across the sky only add to the beauty. The way they drift through and between the mountains (I think they call them the west maui’s or something like this) is almost magical. There are times that the rain has been so heavy that the streets were inches thick in water.

We went for a drive and Liz told me that everything is unusually green. Well, its no wonder with all this rain. The mountains (one is a big volcano) look like they are blanketed with a layer of velvety moss. I love the moments when everything is completely still. And you can just feel the humid (very) warm air settling down around you in a peaceful veil. When it`s rainy out it seems all the wildlife around is chattering, everything seems to be in a state of motion and you can hear life erupting around you.

I wish I could capture the intensity of the rainbows here. I noticed that on their licence plates in Hawaii they have a rainbow spanning the plate. Now I know why. They are so bright at times that they glow. Neon bright colors of the spectrum. It is surreal. The way they cut in and out of the clouds reaching across the entire sky. Not often that I get to see full rainbows and double at that. But I can just sit around here and wait for the next one because I know it`s coming soon.

We bummed around Borders for a while and I was in my glory wandering through the isles of books. Next we took a drive and watched the pod of whales coming in from the sea. On New Years Eve, Liz and I drove to the other side of the island and ate lobster over looking the lit up Banyan Tree. We perused several art galleries and I was in awe of some of the talent being displayed here. It`s not hard to figure out where they get their inspiration in a place such as this.

Next we went and danced our way into the New Year making heaps of new friends at a club where once again, the bouncers and DJs were more than accommodating. At night before I go to sleep, I can hear the cute chirping of the geckos and in the morning I wake to the clucking and crowing of the chickens. There are vast fields of sugarcane swaying in the gentle breeze and the place has a really small town charm to it. I like it here.

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