Catch the wave – Maui, Hawaii, United States

I am sitting in a lazy boy in an internet cafe enjoying the warm humid air and listening to the lax music. I arrived yesterday to be picked up by Liz`s friends and whisked off to a birthday party. We played games and ate and I met a bunch of people who seemed so familiar.

Liz whom I met way back when in Roma, doesn`t arrive back until today but her friends have made me feel right at home. It says there is supposed to be a big storm or something but so far its held out. I am off to the beach now…ahhhh…I have missed the beach. I just realized that it has been quite a while. Well, from my perspective. I am seriously enjoying the atmosphere here so far.

Hawaii is a place that I never really got too excited about. I am still processing but so far it almost seems too good to be true. For those experiencing New Years Eve, have a great one! This year, as opposed to last, I guess I will be one of the last ones to get there. No problem. Good things come to those who wait. I will be enjoying the build up and thinking fondly, sending happy vibes to all you who hit it hour by hour, time zone by time zone, the build up…until the wave reaches me.

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