Whats the difference between a waffle and falafel? – Chicago, Illinois, United States

Well, I am just about on my way out. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with my family and if I am going to be honest with myself, I really needed it. I had some really great talks which reminded me of the important things in life. I stocked up on hugs and cuddles from my nephews while they reminded me again and again how great it was to see me and how much they missed me. And they are still small enough for rides so I even got a little bit of exercise.

Otherwise, I spent alot of time doing a whole lot of relaxing. I answered a few questions about travel (like the falafel question) and taught my brother to do poi. I baked snickerdoodles (aka. fat balls according to Wayne), pumpkin pie and choco chip cookies and even tho everyone protested, I noticed that they disappeared in record time.

My sis and I spent some quality time together which really helped me get things back into perspective. I had a bit of a head fog about a few things that came up over the past year and because we share a similar history, we were able to piece it all together…together. Thanks Trina. We reminisced laughing so hard we hurt. I love those “Remember the time” conversations.

We got to have special breakfast (which was a ritual we used to keep when we all lived in the same city) and learned a few new games. Watched the final episode Lord of the Rings trilogy which was long but the theatre had pop refills so that was nice. Careful tho with such a long movie…bathroom breaks really are annoying.

I tried again and again to go shopping but try as I might, I could not bring myself to make it to the cash register. I would walk around with things in my hand but after 20 minutes or so I would just get flustered and leave. There were just so many choices. And then I thought about having to carry it around. And I just gave up. I have never enjoyed shopping anyway.

I just repacked my backpack and I am very impressed if I do say so myself. It has never been so small and light. I tucked in my nephews for the last time tonight and I was touched by their sweet little prayers. “Please help the people who are sick to get well. Please make sure they have food in their tummies. Please make sure everyone has a bed to sleep in. And if they don`t have a bed, at least let them have a sleeping bag.”

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