Mall Madness – Chicago, Illinois, United States

Christmas time at the shopping mall. Overwhelmingly busy with hundreds cruising around the packed mile wide spread, whipping around corners, narrowly missing the little old granny with the cane. And that was just the parking lot.

We skulked up and down the endless rows of cars waiting for someone to pull out for what seemed like ages. We finally resorted to stalking someone all the way from the entrance to their parking spot which ended up being almost as far as you could get, almost on the highway. The poor guy kept looking back at us nervously as we crept slowly on his heels, making it clear to the other drivers that he was “ours.” It felt very demented. But we did get to park.

We trekked to an entrance and as we slipped through the big glass doors, the inundation of commercialism began. Diet fatfree light supersized sugarfree enhanced bigger better compact concentrated smoother younger firmer stronger new improved faster faster faster more More MORE.

I just stood there ricocheting from person to person racing to the next sale. I ended up getting the wrapping paper that I came for but not before having to navigate my way through the barrage of stores, kiosks, food courts and screaming children not to mention giant foil disks (the new craze apparently) whizzing by my head. I couldn`t get over how much people would pay for useless reminders of how shallow and impatient we`ve become.

Can you believe there are rest spots every 10 stores with couches, tables (to put your feet up of course) and TVs? Good luck trying to get a spot tho because there were even people sitting on the floor. And beside those are groupings of black leather lazyboys just waiting for you to fall asleep in. Yes! There were many many people sleeping all over the shopping mall still grasping their goodie loaded bags.

I wandered in and out of the stores trying to think of what I would do with these things even if I had a home to put them in. And since when did there become enough variety of toothpaste for it to warrant an entire isle in the drugstore. I mean, whitening, ultra, fluoride, extra, gel, sparkly, cavity protection (are they not all supposed to do that?), baking soda, clean mint (nah, I`d rather have some dirty mint), super, rejuvenating effects, sensitive, tartar control, cinnamon, maximum strength, even citrus breeze?

One good thing about my visit to the shopping mall was that there is a store that has everything reptile including a person holding a huge boa coaxing passersbys to come and pet the creature. After tackling the mall, surely I could touch a snake. I don`t quite know why all of a sudden I was able to do it but I pet it not once but 3 times. After the initial shock of the soft fatty belly covered with a hard crust of dry scaley skin, I was even able to touch its head. I was surprised at how unslimey it was and how calm and gentle it seemed. Interesting how different reality can be from societal portrayals. What else have I been conditioned to fear?

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