And Special Guest Star – Sister – Chicago, Illinois, United States

Merry Christmas (if you celebrate this holiday) and/or Happy Holidays!!

This is not your friendly, neighborhood Carmellaman here. Hello from me, Trina A.K.A Carmella`s sister. I am here to fill in her blog as she is too busy playing with nephews, watching T.V, sleeping, reading and drinking tea (gallons of it, I must mention).

We are currently situated somewhere in the boonies of Chicago in my sister-in-law`s new home. Carmella has been so gracious to honor us with her presence for the holidays as the Lewis family reunites for their annual visit. She is leaving us shortly to continue her travels, I think we (a very homebound family) have tried to contain her for far too long.

We have all had a very wonderful time visiting together and there was actually snow for Christmas day. Luckily it melted the day after. Carmella arrived in Chicago with Mom and Dad Lewis last Friday from Belize after a much delayed flight finally decided to set her down. Omari, Nubian, Khaalid and I started our 9 hour trek from Tennessee last Saturday morning. We happily reunited and it felt like she had only just left yesterday.

In the days that have followed, we have eaten a whole lot of pizza, fudge, turkey and cookies and watched Carmella drink tea and coffee non-stop. There is a goal of helping my brother in law Wayne finish the basement of his new home. Carmella and I have contributed by trying to keep the kids out of the way and make the food while the men have been doing a great job pounding and cutting. My boys have been sick for the week we have been here so far, so the most exploring we have really done is to go to the local grocery store to stock up on food and a bunch of trips to the local drugstore for cough syrup, headache medicines, earache medicines, etc.

One night we got adventurous and took the kids to the family fun place that had glow in the dark bowling as well as a bunch of arcade games. We bowled on two lanes; the kids on one (Davu won, weird how that happened when he decided to quit half way through playing) and the adults on the other (Mom Lewis, Micere, Carmella and I – Mom Lewis was our winner, she almost didn`t bowl with us too citing a lack of “bowling clothing” whatever that is).

Carmella found a vending machine with glow sticks and showed us how to swing them around in fancy ways and then it was off to the arcade. There Carmella and I got into a mini bowling challenge that she won. We wanted to try this dancing arcade game but found that we were short the 3 quarters that it demanded. Oh well, we didn`t want to make fools of our selves that bad anyway.

I want to say a quick Hello to all those that know me (yes my family is doing fine) and a long Hello to all those that have only met me through my wonderful, fabulous, beautiful, brave, daring, creative Sister (I am sure she has only said good things about me!). Thank you for taking the time to read my rantings. I will leave the rest of the writing from here to Carmella.

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