Just because you can, doesn`t mean you should – Chicago, Illinois, United States

I have come to the conclusion that so far airlines in America are my least favorite. “Pretzels and pop?” are just a step above bread and water when you are used to “Chicken or Fish?” Flew into Chicago after a snag with immigration.

“Did I stutter? DO NOT touch your bag!” she demanded rudely when I tried to offer some assistance with the unwrapping (ripping apart would be more accurate) of several of the gifts they were micro-examining in the Miami airport. I wondered out loud why they act like that. Some one behind me muttered “because they can.” I guess it`s in the same vein as the mentality of the forms they ask you to fill out on entry to the states. Asking questions such as:

Are you a drug abuser or an addict?
Are you seeking entry to engage in criminal activity?
Are you involved in espionage or sabotage or in terrorist activities or genocide?

Come on. Do they really believe the heroin addict smuggling a kilo in his carry on is going to check the yes box “because its wrong to lie”?

Anyway. We stopped by Wendys (just one of the 500 fast food joints we passed) on the way home and I got to have a salad and a frosty. Altho to be perfectly honest, I really didn`t need the frosty as I was freezing already! It`s deceiving because usually I am used to seeing snow when I feel these kinds of temperatures.

My sis and her fam were driving in the next evening and I could hardly wait. After finding nothing but reality shows and terrorist warnings (I learned that Code Orange is High Alert…that makes Code Red what? Extra High?) all over the TV, we went to the mall to pass the time. The Mall. The epitome of the American culture. Am I prepared for this? As prepared as a polar bear in a heatwave.

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