You betta belize it – Belize City, Belize

Flying into Belize I tried to think of a word that would describe the color of the water below us. Like antifreeze puddled on the cement under the car when the radiator is leaking. My problem is that it doesn`t sound very nice but it looks spectacular.

Belize is between Mexico and Guatemala bordered by the Caribbean Sea. I noticed from the air that Belize was how lush and green she was with rivers and streams running through. Much different from the dusty dry desolate Mexico I had remembered visiting years ago which was surprising to me considering their proximity.

When I landed the first thing I noticed climbing down the airplane steps was the warm humid air…ahhh. Dad (my sisters husbands father) was waiting for me as I exited the small airport and we zoomed off to his work. I had been warned time and again by my sister to take care as Belize is not the safest place to be right now. And here again Dad went through all the safety precautions I was to follow during my visit. I couldn`t help but feel they were being a little overprotective and my “don`t worry`s” were falling on deaf ears.

We drove around the town and I was impressed by the charming historical buildings which reminded me of many other little Caribbean towns I had visited. The streets were pretty clean and I didn`t see a lot of poverty. Well, not the level I was used to in Africa. The street vendors were selling oodles of hotdogs and Spanish looking foods.

First place we headed was Brodies which is their version of a Superstore, selling everything from condensed milk to shower curtains to plantains to greeting cards. You want it, they got it. We picked up some rice, chicken and potato salad for supper perfected by dad`s secret red bean sauce.

I thought it was really cool that they wrote all the names of the kids (and grandchildren) in the cement out front. People live up high in houses on stilts and on second stories because of the flooding and hurricanes that frequent the area. I fell asleep to the gentle rustling of the palms in the caribe ocean breeze. And I didn`t wake up for days.

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