Jeopardy – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I wrapped up my loose ends on the weekend, sorting through and putting things in order for my departure…once again. I had some quality moments with my parents and close friends and even got a few job offers. But I was reminded again and again that I am still traveling. And although I was home, it was just a visit.

On Saturday morning, I headed to the Strathcona Farmers Market which was once quite the weekly ritual for me. Cort and I wandered around with our moms, tasting all the different fresh and homemade delicacies. I marveled at the intricacies of the crafts for sale and even found myself humming to the festive music. I have always really loved the extremely friendly yet bustling atmosphere here. It is one place you can be sure to be drawn into one conversation after another with strangers who end up feeling like long lost family.

I ended up putting off the packing until too late and didn`t sleep all night. At 6am my mom walked in as I was gulping down a litre of coffee from a measuring cup. Part of me wondered if I maybe didn`t want to go…but then I realized that I just had too much stuff. With less than an hour before my flight, I got real and asked myself what I really needed. I packed about half as much as I packed the first time and well, that wasn`t much. But it was lighter and the basics were there. It reminded me of a hot air balloon which must drop the sandbags in order to be light enough to launch.

I`ll take “How” for 1000, Alex.
Answer: Not difficult or complicated: easy.
What is Simple?

Sorted. I hugged my precious parents goodbye and disappeared through the doors once again. I connected in Vancouver using up my last Canadian change on Tim Bits. How convenient. There was a massage while you wait place beside my gate. This is a good idea I think with all the nerves at the airport.

Security was really really thorough with people having to remove shoes and belts even! I am working through the family portion of this trip now and what better timing! I hope everyone is having a nice holiday season and appreciating those around you. Even if they are strangers. Remember, you are only a smile away from a friend.

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