Stress Bisciuts – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Going home for just under a week was really a blast from the past. It`s like pushing a pause button because life just seems just as I left it. Minor adjustments here and there I suppose but overall, it really shook me into noticing how different I have been living for the past year and a half. I enjoyed the responsibilities and familiarity and creature comforts I used to have….for about 3 days.

I began to get tired of driving as I would lose my focus by thinking about this or that only to find that I had gotten myself lost, once again. I never used to get lost. Infact, I would pride myself on my navigational skills which rival those of a seasoned taxi driver. Normally this wouldn`t be a problem but I had appointments to keep and would get nervous about getting late. Appointments. Meetings. Messages. It became frighteningly obvious how much time we waste in planning for other moments.

I am sure I seemed very confused for much of my visit but I was fighting the urge to stay in the moment. I was supposed to be telling people about moments past or planning for moments future. Its safe to say that “moment now” suffered just a little.

I was touched by how much I was missed. I spoke to the lovely Kelly from Calgary who I had met in Egypt who had just returned home a few weeks prior. She told me she had major adjustment issues on her homecoming and was still dealing with the effects. How sweet is she (someone I had only really known for a week) for driving 3 hours just to see me for a short visit? Unfortunately, on Friday morning when she was to arrive, a major bomb was dropped on me by my insurance company.

I was scrambling around in crisis mode trying desperately to fix things which seemed to be getting worse by the minute. I was flailing around in quicksand, each phone call sinking me deeper. How could one small technicality of a matter of hours trigger such a bureaucratic disaster? I was on the verge of tears as I was pummeled with the barrage of cold unhelpfulness. Kelly arrived and the peoples advocate that she is, tried to help. It was only 930am and I was already tired and beaten. Her initial optimism was replaced with annoyed frustration and utter disgust with the way I was being treated. If I didn`t get this matter sorted, I would not leave Sunday as planned, which would create a tragic domino effect.

It got to be noon and we were making no progress whatsoever. I decided that we should break for lunch and go to my favorite restaurant as we had originally planned. I paused on the way out and asked the powers that be for some help here. Not that I am religious but I had to put this impossible situation in the hands of whoever it is that runs things or I`d lose it.

Our mood lightened as we visited and reminisced on the way downtown catching up on what happened when we had parted ways last. Just as we were about to head into the restaurant, I received the magical phone call. Suddenly and inexplicably, things were turning in my favor. Kel and I looked at each other in astonishment completely speechless.

We dined on Japanese teppan style cooking and I thought about how many of my favorite people I have brought here over the last 10 years. Kelly and I discussed the difficulties of integration back into society once you have left it for so long. With our tummies full, we ended lunch then made one crucial meeting which ended up solving the whole mornings ordeal with one signature. Just one little scribble calmed this hurricane of problems. Oh how quickly I forgot the joys of business.

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