Home sweet maple syrupy Home – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I really didn’t remember how precious home is and its really the little things that seem to mean the most. The fact that I can have hugs as often as I like and lets face it, mom hugs are just the best. We had a bit of a stand off because she was trying to make me food and take care of me and all I wanted to do was exercise my domestic muscles. It`s so good to feel useful again. So we compromised but I still felt weird when she cleaned and folded all my laundry.

I found a couple bags of clothes that I forgot that I had (I had sold all but my favorites) and buried my face in all my choices. I could wear different clothes for breakfast lunch and supper. And jeans! Yay! To be able to wear denim again, even if only for a week. And to have an army of big fluffy MATCHING socks to choose from not to mention the selection of shoes and boots!

I know it seems like no big deal and it really didn`t bother me much as I travelled to have such a limited wardrobe. But there is just something so nostalgic about slipping on your favorite jeans and sweater. One thing I think I missed the most were my fuzzy sheep pajamas with feet.

Next, I raided my moms kitchen which is stocked with every kind of my favorite foods (I guess they are their favorite foods too). I can cook or bake whatever I want and not worry about having the proper spices or utensils. I know its cliche but I just had to have my pancakes and maple syrup. My mom is baking me banana bread right now permeating the house with the delicious smell. Why do I get the feeling they are trying to bribe me into staying with all this special treatment and attention?

I have a pretty busy schedule for the week. I have not taken care of business for a while and there is a paper mountain of bills, statements, and letters to go through. I ended up getting my taxes done and my bank stuff sorted pretty quickly but there just keeps seeming to be little loose ends to tie up appearing out of the woodwork. I did a surprise interview at the radio station and it really began to hit me how surreal this brief stop was feeling for me. It`s like a trip to through the twilight zone confusing home with just one more stop on the trip.

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