I love surprises – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Cort and Stacy greeted me at the airport and all of a sudden it was like I`d never left. I was not prepared for the gust of freezing air which all but knocked me over when I stepped outside. Winter is in full swing and it was a strangely cool feeling to hear the crunch of snow beneath my sandaled feet.

It was almost 1130pm and even tho it was quite dark there was a certain glow I remembered from the long winter nites. I have never really liked the cold and have not really been a true fan of snow but for some reason, now I began to see it differently. All this time, I have taken for granted how peaceful things are under a smooth white blanket. I forgot the delicate gentleness of the falling snowflake and the calm silence of the untouched fields.

We pulled up to my parents house and I began to get a bit nervous. I rang the doorbell a few times to no avail. Oh no. What if they were not home? But then a light went on and I heard footsteps padding towards the door. “Who is it?” my mom called confusedly. Its me, I quickly corrected with a Carmella knowing she is prolly half asleep. She opened the door and her face lit up as she cried out “What are you doing here!” A big hug then my dad appeared on the scene and I am not sure when I have seen him look so surprised.

After bringing in my stuff, we chatted and I couldn`t believe how quickly I settled in. I learned that a few cosmetics had changed but otherwise everything is still the same as usual. Comforting. Really comforting. I have to admit, altho I was super tired from the jet lag, I was energized from the adrenaline. I checked out the different rooms in the house to see how things were and kept coming back to find my mom for hugs. I told her I was going to have to stock up.

I told my mom that I had to warn her of something. She wrung her hands looking worried. Gently, I told her I was back but only for a few days and that I would have to go again. Oh is that all?!?! she sighed relieved, telling me she thought I was going to tell her I had picked up an illness or something. Oh mom.

She kept trying to feed me and get me things. My dad kept following me around perhaps to make sure that I was really there. It was so strangely surreal but sooo amazing. I am so happy to be home. In some ways its like I never left. Like I have just watched a really great flick or finished a really great book. But the book is not over yet…this is just an intermission.

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