First Class Flying – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I walked onto the plane and YAY! I was immediately upgraded to first class. I was sitting in the very front in the very first seat. Some of the things that are exclusive to first class are: gigantic seats that turn into beds at the touch of a button, crisp white table cloths covering your own personal table complete with salt and pepper grinders, a menu with items such as veal and salmon and the yummiest chocolatiest pudding…mmm. Not one but two big fluffy pillows, a video player in your seat where you can rewind or pause your movie of choice, and futuristic blue mood lighting. There is even a window in the bathroom. I know that no one could see in but I couldn`t help but feel strange.

I watched a movie and tried to play some games but my lids were heavy so I gave in. I stretched out and snuggled into my seat/bed watching the planets and stars outside my window. I thought about where I had come from and where I was going. 17 months since I had seen proper snow, since I walked in the security of familiarity, since I had hugged my parents. That was all about to change.

We touched down after the 10 hour flight and I couldn`t help but sigh. I was home. I couldn`t wipe off the grin as I chatted with the customs girl who almost made me cry when she handed me back my passport and with a warm smile said “Welcome home!” I made my way through the Vancouver airport which I know so well and reveled in all the Canadiana. Tim Hortons, Maple Leafs, and it seemed like everyone was smiling!

My heart felt happy as everyone I encountered was sooooo friendly and sincere. Everything went so smoothly with every official, every clerk, every stranger. I mean, I guess I have forgotten how EASY things are here. I floated along to my connecting flight and just sat there elated as I listened to all the chatter around me. Everyone was talking “canadian”.

Only one more hour and I would be back into my old stomping grounds. My parents don`t know I am coming. I wanted to surprise them. I hope they are home! I can`t explain the feeling of comfort that overtook me over the next while. Even tho it was 6am to my body, I felt just fine.

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