Planes Trains and Automobiles – Andover, United Kingdom

After the uneventful plane ride, (save for the exceptionally rude British Air staff) I trained my way over to Andover just in time for a fancy dress Christmas party at Andy`s work. Sonya picked me up and since we were running late I had to change in the car. I wiggled my way into a fairy godmother costume all the while listening to select tunes from my favorite Canadian bands. Thank you DJ Sonya.

Oncoming cars kept letting us pass and flashing their lights at us. Sonya was overjoyed with how friendly everyone was being especially since we were in such a hurry. I commented that they were prolly flashing us because I was flashing them in the effort to get out of my clothes. Sonya mentioned that I may want to speed up the process as we were pulling into a busy service station to get petrol. That is when she discovered that all this time, people were blinking their brights because she didn`t have her lights on. Opps.

Prepared as usual, Sonya (who was a princess to her prince charming…of course) had provided me with all things sparkly and it was like a fairy dust blizzard by the time I was done. Of course, the costume wasn`t complete without a maple leaf wand with which I could deem them all worthy. Sonya questioned me about the toque I was carrying around and I assured her it was only a carrying case for my camera. We ended up stuffing ourselves silly with every kind of Christmas fare all the while checking out the other outfits which ranged from male Lara Crofts to Star Wars to Immodest Nuns on Skateboards.

The next day, we slept in then Andy and I went out to do some errands. As it was my last days in England, Sonya made a fabulous roast chicken dinner and we had banana splits (with `sugar strands`…aka sprinkles) for dessert. We watched the Miss World pageant and cheered every time Miss Canada showed up on the screen. Nice to know Sonya is still loyal to her roots despite her dual nationalitiness.

Now I am just getting ready to leave once again. Back to the airport which is becoming my second home it seems. The sun is shining and there is not a cloud in the sky. Son said they haven’t had a nice day in oh so long. I said that maybe I should leave more often. Sorry I couldn`t meet up with all my London friends but I really needed a quiet restful few days. Next stop is going to be a major headspin.


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