Cakes and Bathtime – Budapest, Hungary

When I arrived in Budapest, on the way to my hostel, I spotted several delectable bakeries that I vowed to return to later. The problem was that it seemed that they disappeared because when I went to find them, they were no where. So began the bakery hunt.

We ended up reaching the baths where after getting changed, I got lost. There were lots of pools but I was aiming for the outdoor one. Finally, I followed the burst of cold air and there I was shivering in the chilly winter air. I dropped my towel and slid into the warm, not hot, thermal waters. As I paddled around, every so often the bright almost full moon would make an appearance through the misty steam. There was also a lap pool you could swim in but only if you had a bathing cap. It was a very refreshing and quite relaxing experience, as far as communal bathing can be.

After this, I was pretty much spent and had to sleep as soon as I got home…those springs really take it out of you. There were five Italian guys from some band who made everyone dinner one night. We had, what else? Pasta. Not only were they good cooks but they were pretty comedic as well, overflowing with silliness.

I said goodbye to Matt who was going back to Slovakia to see his family and then headed to the Terror Musuem. It just wasn`t meant to be, so Cameron and I skipped it and headed to the falafel place instead. This place was amazing with every topping known to man avail for you to choose. It was even better than the ones in Barcelona…mmmm. So we talked philosophy over falafels then walked to another bath place to warm up.

This bathhouse was indoor and was segregated for men and women. I noticed that there seemed to be mostly locals and very very few young people parading around in various stages of undress. I sat there until I was pruney then wandered out and waited for Cameron who had apparently discovered the sauna. We grabbed some sandwiches on the walk home but what I was really looking forward to was the cake.

That morning we had found one of the elusive bakeries and I went a little overboard. I bought 10 different kinds of cakes and planned to eat them for supper. Cameron and Chubby wouldn`t hear of it and convinced me to go eat `real` food first. But first, a massage by a lady who came to the hostel and took payment in trade for some stuff I had picked up along the way that I didn`t need anymore. I had a massage by a Hungarian lady before and this one was much the same.

I ate some fish soup and a few drinks before coming home to share the plethora of cakes with all my new friends. It`s a good thing too because with all that sugar I would have prolly been bouncing around till who knows when. I talked cookies with Lach who fully understood my theory until tiredness overtook me. I got a decent sleep and then parted ways with Hungary.

I did get lost a bit on the way to the airport when I got off the bus a terminal too soon. It was really cold which made the 15 minute wait until the next `raptar` bus seem twice as long. I savoured one last cottage cheese filled pastry before boarding the plane. I thought about how much yummy food I had eaten over the past few days…man, I stuffed myself. I guess I was pretty Hungary.

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