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Bribary anyone? – Budapest, Hungary

The next morning, Matt and I walked around town but I didn`t want to wear runners (trainers or running shoes) so I wore my sandals. I know it was cold out but my feet didn`t feel like being constricted. Anyway, I can`t tell you how many looks I got from old ladies, kids, basically whoever was looking down at the ground. My red painted toenails. Well, that`s one way to get their attention and shock them into smiling. One guy almost got into an accident from the triple take from his car. read more

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Brrr in Budapest – Budapest, Hungary

I skipped Hungary on a whim the first time I was in Europe in favor of the floods (Czech and Germany 2002), so I thought I would give it another go. The airport people were helpful but couldn`t give me the information I needed. I had the location of the hostel in my email but since there is no internet at the airport, I was out of luck. read more

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