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Catch the wave – Maui, Hawaii, United States

I am sitting in a lazy boy in an internet cafe enjoying the warm humid air and listening to the lax music. I arrived yesterday to be picked up by Liz`s friends and whisked off to a birthday party. We played games and ate and I met a bunch of people who seemed so familiar.

Liz whom I met way back when in Roma, doesn`t arrive back until today but her friends have made me feel right at home. It says there is supposed to be a big storm or something but so far its held out. I am off to the beach now…ahhhh…I have missed the beach. I just realized that it has been quite a while. Well, from my perspective. I am seriously enjoying the atmosphere here so far. read more

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Whats the difference between a waffle and falafel? – Chicago, Illinois, United States

Well, I am just about on my way out. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with my family and if I am going to be honest with myself, I really needed it. I had some really great talks which reminded me of the important things in life. I stocked up on hugs and cuddles from my nephews while they reminded me again and again how great it was to see me and how much they missed me. And they are still small enough for rides so I even got a little bit of exercise. read more

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Mall Madness – Chicago, Illinois, United States

Christmas time at the shopping mall. Overwhelmingly busy with hundreds cruising around the packed mile wide spread, whipping around corners, narrowly missing the little old granny with the cane. And that was just the parking lot. read more

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And Special Guest Star – Sister – Chicago, Illinois, United States

Merry Christmas (if you celebrate this holiday) and/or Happy Holidays!!

This is not your friendly, neighborhood Carmellaman here. Hello from me, Trina A.K.A Carmella`s sister. I am here to fill in her blog as she is too busy playing with nephews, watching T.V, sleeping, reading and drinking tea (gallons of it, I must mention). read more

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Just because you can, doesn`t mean you should – Chicago, Illinois, United States

I have come to the conclusion that so far airlines in America are my least favorite. “Pretzels and pop?” are just a step above bread and water when you are used to “Chicken or Fish?” Flew into Chicago after a snag with immigration. read more

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So, um, that was a BB gun right? – Belize City, Belize

I really lazed around not really doing too much other than sitting on the veranda watching the football in the field across the way and the sea just beyond that. I would have seen much more except there was a huge cement and neon hotel casino which now blocked their once million dollar ocean view.

The first day I arrived was nice and warm but then it went on to get overcast, windy and relatively chilly for the rest of my visit. The wind carried the aroma of fresh baked bread and buns from the bakery across the way permeating every inch of the house. read more

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You betta belize it – Belize City, Belize

Flying into Belize I tried to think of a word that would describe the color of the water below us. Like antifreeze puddled on the cement under the car when the radiator is leaking. My problem is that it doesn`t sound very nice but it looks spectacular.

Belize is between Mexico and Guatemala bordered by the Caribbean Sea. I noticed from the air that Belize was how lush and green she was with rivers and streams running through. Much different from the dusty dry desolate Mexico I had remembered visiting years ago which was surprising to me considering their proximity. read more

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Yes Ma`am – Dallas, Texas, United States

You know, it`s really good that I keep this journal…because it makes me consciously think about where I am. I have to located my country in the pop up list. Right. So just a quick note that I arrived in Dallas just fine.

It was late but I found a really great hotel to overnight in. And even tho it seems to be all business travellers (many pilots), I still had no problem finding conversation. Security is a bit higher because of the capture of Hussein but otherwise the flights are good. I saw one guy who had to remove his belt and shoes to get through the very thorough customs security. read more

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Jeopardy – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I wrapped up my loose ends on the weekend, sorting through and putting things in order for my departure…once again. I had some quality moments with my parents and close friends and even got a few job offers. But I was reminded again and again that I am still traveling. And although I was home, it was just a visit. read more

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Stress Bisciuts – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Going home for just under a week was really a blast from the past. It`s like pushing a pause button because life just seems just as I left it. Minor adjustments here and there I suppose but overall, it really shook me into noticing how different I have been living for the past year and a half. I enjoyed the responsibilities and familiarity and creature comforts I used to have….for about 3 days. read more

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