Give or take – Cairo, Egypt

I was living at an orphanage with 100 HIV positive orphans in East Africa for the last two months. My place was in the preschool classroom teaching 10 amazing 3-5 year olds. Together we sang, counted, played, drew, painted, colored, created, built, walked, ran, laughed, cried and learned. This is an experience that I will definitely expand on one day…

But for now, my travelling shoes have found their way back to my feet and my how things have changed. I have altered my itinerary more than a few times over the past few months and well…let me just say there are some surprises coming up. Over the next 10 weeks I am on a power trip so to speak. Because I stopped I have lost ground and will have to get moving to catch up with my plans.

3 Major Holidays
4 Continents
10 Weeks
11 Countries
18 Flights
..give or take…

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