Field Trips – Nairobi, Kenya

Saturday I cleaned all morning and was in a great mood. Sat nite we watched movies. Then on Sunday we piled into the Rav4 and headed to the Rusty Nail. I was a bit excited as I had heard so many rave reviews of this place. I had the Carrot and Ginger Soup and then a bite of the camembert cheese (which tastes like blue like every cheese here) and red current jelly. Then I ate Roast beef and mashed potatoes and yorkshire pudding. It was ok but nothing great really. The dessert was toffee pudding which was sooooo good and worth the trip.

We got home just a few mins late but hopped in the car with Thomas and drove around for the next few hours. We stopped to see the Bomas (some place people go for concerts and picnics and weekend stuff) but just did a quick walk around then left and drove around some more before stopping for a drink. Thomas was upset with Becca for not having anything and I was surprised by his forcefulness. It was very hot and didn`t help that I was wearing 4 layers of sweater.

Next we went past Kibera which was really the only highlight of this drive for me. I was shocked and dismayed by the carpet of sheet metal tenting the miles of slum land. It is even more appalling in the daytime. Finally, after hours of not really knowing what the heck was going on or what we were doing or where we were going, we got the impression that we were going home. I found it strange that even tho Philamon and Thomas were supposed to be best friends, they didn`t really seem to know each other.

Sun nite we watched Left Behind which is a video documentary about the harshness of life around here. Most shocking was the dead burnt up boys at the end. I did feel that it took guts but really, on any given day, this is their life. How upsetting was the fact the Dagoretti boys are drinking and bathing in the bloody water of the nearby slaughterhouse.

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