Happy Halloween – Karen, Kenya

So Halloween morning it was pouring cats and dogs. I sat in the classroom with the kids and watched some boring program. After I went to Cottage G and read the story of Jonah to the hyper kids. I had to punish Beatrice who then cried. After the story, she was major clingy and wouldn`t leave me alone. Whats with these kids? There`s really something to the punishing the kids to show you love them.

I fed Faith while Janet and I talked. I had some ugali and kale for lunch. Just a bit tho because it is really not my favorite thing. Next it was time to begin planning for the party. We went to go prepare the schoolhouse for the party. I practiced some poi and everyone was really pretty impressed.

I started getting really excited when I put my hair up and started dressing up. I made two horns like giraffes and stuck paintbrushes in them like antennas. I painted a shooting star and a flower on Becca`s face. As she was painting mine (sun moon and 3 stars), I began to get sooooo excited.

I painted Mike`s face with silver and gave him red lips. He was supposed to be a bat with his grey poncho but he looked more like a ghost. Leo showed up and I painted him into a vampire but I couldn`t really remember what a vampire looked like. It turned out ok, I think. So did the kids apparently, because 90 percent of them wanted to be painted like Leo.

I painted two black circles around Susans eye`s and she wore a poncho trying to be a bat as well. While I was painting Jon`s face green into Frankenstein, Susan ran in claiming that Lassie had just bit her. The mark was bad and he drew blood. She ended up having to go to the hospital for a rabies shot and missed the whole party. Shame.

Just before the party began we braced ourselves for the hyper little kiddies who were congregating outside. I ate a few of the chocolate puffed wheat cookies which delighted my tummy (so much for the diet). We had three different flavors of drink to serve the little ones…Witches Brew, Vampire Spit, and Goblins Blood. The kids all peered through the windows and finally when they were allowed in, the party started.

Becca and I served them punch then Mike gave them cookies. We had a mask making station, a bowling station, a wet sponge throwing station and the face painting station where I was situated. I must have painted 20 or 30 faces into ghosts, cheetahs, tigers, but mostly vampires. I even had a dragon request but how on earth could I paint that? I didn`t even have any red. My best was the cheetah I think.

Michael came and didn`t say anything, as usual. He just sat down quietly and waited, looking at me with his expectant eyes. So I just painted his cheeks and made some shapes. He looked cute. Mary was the tiger and I heard that she didn`t wash her paint off at bedtime but slept with it on all night long. The kids were pushing like crazy…it a was popular station.

Then it came time for the grande finale. The fire show. I did two shows and we even had music. It was well received and the kids went nuts. They screamed and hooted and hollered the whole time. As I was twirling, I was touched that they were so enthusiastic. Everyone complimented me and told me how cool it was.

After all the kids were gone, we surveyed the damage. It was a huge mess especially with the cookies which were ground into the floor all over. We did a bit then said we would do the rest tomorrow. We went home and started drinking the rum that Jon had fetched for us from the store. Becca, Jon, Leo and I had a drink and talked. Then Leo left and we had another. Becca got into her head that she needed to smoke. So she and Jon went off in search of a cigarette. I stayed back and just rested.

I was beginning to feel a bit tipsy (my tolerance is VERY low) and I just sat there trying to capture the moment in my long term memory. This night, this place, the people, the kids, the crescent moon peeking out from behind the ominous moving clouds…very Halloween.

Becca and Jon came back. And so did Kate and Susan. I did a private little fire show for Susan with her wound. I looked up to see Ted and Esta watching from the terrace. We played a bit with sparklers which were really powerful. Then Mike and Kevin tried to learn a bit of poi. So it turned into a giant poi lesson with everyone taking a turn. They all picked it up rather quickly and I was impressed. All in all, it turned out to be a very very fun Halloween and there wasn`t even any candy!

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