Changing Course – Nairobi, Kenya

Woke the next morning it was raining (yuk mud) but luckily we left right at the same time Gabriel was driving into Karen. We piled in and turns out he was going all the way into town so we hitched a ride. After a few stops, we hopped out then made our way to some crap bookstores which were no help. Then up to the internet where I got lots done. Really makes a difference when it is a fast connection.

I headed over to British Airways and began the long process of changing my ticket. I walked in not knowing what I was doing. Infact, at first we planned out a whole itinerary including Asia and India. Then when I realized that I could add Hawaii, I switched and plans began formulating to stay in America. So things worked out so well! Good that I paid attention tho because the lady wasn`t quite on the ball. She was with me for 3 hours but still seemed to have no idea what she was doing.

We got it all done and imagine how pleased I was to be able to get home for a week then Hawaii then to see Trina in the U.S. then Belize then South America…wow! I feel quite comfortable with it as I didn`t quite feel settled with going to Asia yet. Don`t know why. Not ready? Who knows? But finally got the ticket sorted. I was so happy when it was all said and done.

By now my tummy was sore and hungry. I had only had some yogurt all day and no water. So we scurried to the shuttle for a headachey bumpy ride home. I tried to bargain in Karen at the lemonade stand stalls for a pineapple but nothing doin. I was shocked at how hard nosed the lady was. She lost a 100 deal for 10 shillings. Muzugo rip off.

I grabbed some soupy supper and finished typing emails exclaiming my good news to my family about the upcoming visit. I went up to send it all but was majorly annoyed with the internet. It`s was so crap! I was lucky to have gotten done what I did.

I read to cottage E but the tv was so loud hurt my head, so I only bothered with one book. Then I came home and read after doing my exercises. I seem to have a renewed vigor after planning my new itinerary. I didn`t think I was very homesick or excited about going home but I guess I am. It will be weird to see snow.

In class the next day we did finger paints, using whole hands to make butterfly cards. I went into to see teacher Margaret and commented on how tired she looked. She admitted that she was. I asked if I could help and she had me cutting out these bears. After the kids dipped their hands in the paint they came to me by the sink. So I was the official handwasher. It was quite special washing these precious little hands…the contrast between mine and theirs. So small, delicate. I really enjoyed it.

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