School and Sicky – Karen, Kenya

Sunday we went for our lunch after mass and on Monday Janet wasn`t here so I did the class with Ted and Becca. They were pretty good for Ted. I was impressed altho I think it really took it out of him. Now Ted says he has a whole new respect for me. The kids are a little crazy to him I guess and he has suggested that we split the class. Nice idea!

I went to the big girls cottage to help with homework but they had more than enough tutors. So I left and went to the school house where I helped a few but they were being loud and unruly. I went to the other side and sat down with Joseph who was doing opposites which I found fun too. Then he started making funny faces which really cracked me up. Next I helped Magdalene with her math. I was surprised how much I have forgotten from grade school. So I got tired out quickly and Kevin came to take over. M said she would get beaten by the teacher if she didn’t finish. Whoa. That`s harsh.

I went home and Becca was too tired to watch the rest of Out of Africa which we started watching the night before. I just worked out then I tried to meditate but halfway through I got really sick. Then I laid down and didn`t sleep all night. I was in and out of the bathroom. It came on strong and with a vengeance. I just asked Becca to tell the others I wasn`t going in the morning and hoped that Janet would be there because there was no way I was doing baby class.

I was nauseated and wanted to throw up hoping it would alleviate the pain. Of course, I knew there was nothing to throw up. I had no appetite (again) and I was so weak. It reminded me of Egypt so much that I began taking the leftover pills that Yasser gave me. They did help and after a few hours, I didn`t feel like I was dying anymore.

I still didn`t feel I could make it to the front desk to get a Sprite. I left a note on Kate`s door (please come over I need your help) and listened to the kids singing in the schoolhouse across the yard. How long could it going on for? Please hurry!!! Finally she came and after I had some Sprite I felt a little more manageable. Then I slept the rest of the day. I couldn`t even gather enough energy to get very annoyed by the kid fooling with the accordion for an hour outside my window.

In the early evening, I made it out to Becs room. I still had a bad headache so I took some of her advil and pepto. It wasn`t soon after this that I began to feel much better. I laid on Susan`s bed while the rest of them ate pasta. I had some toast. Then I went to bed again.

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