Sick Mary – Karen, Kenya

On Friday, I lazed around then I readied the room for the new girl. Becca seemed ok and I spent the day just settling her in. That night, I sat with sick little Mary while threw up bile and wheezed and coughed. She was in such pain and was crying. I really felt for her. I gave her my pink scarf and told her it was magical and would help her feel better. We said a little prayer and asked for four angels for her. I tried to send out healing energies for her as she laid there in my arms.

I wondered how I would feel if Mary died. I got scared. Because I think I would be upset. Especially because we came at the same time and she really latched onto me. I put a cool cloth on her head as she was burning up. Sister Little came in to gave her medicine and took over. I left promising to come back the next day to make bracelets. Later, I was informed that Mary was feeling a little better so she would probably sleep through the night.

This morning I really didn`t want to be around people. I opted out of going to Blixen Museum saying that I had to work on the proposal and computer support. I ended up reading to Mary and making bracelets with her. I had to really hunt around for the keys to the school room so I could get the Mr. Men books. I ended up taking John to the nurse because his face was bloody from an accident. It didn`t really even occur to me that that blood was poisonous and could kill me. It`s so easy to think of these kids as normal and well. Except when I see things like Josephs 12 fingers and stuff like that.

So there are all these gun shots happening at the moment. They seem pretty close by. It`s 11pm on a sat nite. Becca is a bit nervous and I admit I am too. Exactly how safe are we here? It is pretty isolated and really, how reliable are the police here.

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