Sorting Beans – Karen, Kenya

So waking up in the morning, Geoffs family made us eggs, bread, banana and tea. We chatted and laughed it up until we said our goodbyes. We waddled home after taking the bus and found Susan and Brian waiting at the gate watching cars go by. I had a lax rest of the day and slept early.

Tuesday was tough. I woke to find that Janet wasn`t here so I had the baby class all to myself. I managed somehow altho Amal was driving me mad. I was getting so frustrated with the misbehaving and I had to punish a few of them. But all in all it was ok and we did get alot accomplished.

I needed to take my mind off my tummy ache so I went outside and sorted beans from 3-8. I took them back to the kitchen. I am not sure why I had so many (5+) kinds of bugs crawling around my room but maybe the bag o beans had something to do with it.

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