Night out in Nairobi – SuperSoul – Nairobi, Kenya

We drove to Carnivore and I was a little off balance as I didn’t realize how close it was. I am getting the distinct feeling that Nairobi is smaller than I first thought. Of course, that happens the longer you stay in a place. We pulled up to the place and we had to go through a very official looking check stop security gate thingy. They didn`t check us and just waved us through as I wondered just what was the point.

David dropped us at the door then Geoff walked us in and gave us a bit of a tour showing us where the bathrooms were and a quick overview before heading back to pick up the others. We wandered about marveling at the hugeness of the place. There was even a playground where drunkards were whooping it up whirling around on the equipment.

We poked fun as we watched the outdoor dancers and then made our way back to the bar. We polished off three drinks and I was just hanging near the door when a guy came up asking why I was so sad. I`m not, I said. To this he asked why are you drawing with your toes on the floor then looking at the ground. I guess I was bored. Anyway, he wanted to dance and I turned him down as politely as I could. He came up with some line about serendipity but he finally went away.

In the bathroom, I was waiting for the stall and was next in line when this pair of girls pushed past and one butted right in front of me. I looked at her friend incredulously. I started chatting with her and she seemed a bit embarrassed for her friends behaviour. I was friendly and we got around to the work I was doing. She told me she had heard of Nyumbani and that it is famous here. She had even been there. Anyway, when her rude friend came out of the stall, she told her friend to go but instead she motioned for me first I thanked her and complimented her on her good manners.

The rude girl piped up and said very loudly “SO I DON`T HAVE GOOD MANNERS?!!” I replied honestly, “No, not really.” She started apologising profusely but not very genuinely, saying she just really had to go.

After Geoff came back, we found a table to sit at then started dancing. This went for the whole night really. It was quite a good time except that there were some quite forward guys who were all over and I had to keep pushing them away. It was a bit annoying. And they also played a heaps of 80`s music including lots of Madonna. It was an interesting evening I guess but I wasn`t sure I would need to experience SuperSoul or even not so SuperSoul again anytime soon.

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