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The Sights and Smells of Kibera – Nairobi, Kenya

Today a bunch of us were going to visit Geoff in town so we trekked to Karen jumped a matatu. We arrived into Adams and as Geoff wasn’t at java hut yet, I got to do a bit of email. When we did meet up, we walked through the market on the way to his house. The crowd of makeshift shacks were dingy and in bad condition. It smelled bad and the ground was really dirty but they were selling everything! Geoff said that if you ever get something stolen, come here and you can buy it back the next day. I really wanted to stop and shop. The clothes actually looked quite wearable. And 50 schillings…couldn’t go wrong really. The place was like a huge dump maze. Some covered with large plastic sheets to promote rainy day shopping. read more

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