Out for Ethiopian food – Karen, Kenya

I was up too early again and tried to make coffee with new grounds when I realized that I was a whole hour ahead of time. For lunch we had bean soup then I forced myself out for the walk. Didn’t really feel like going to Karen so went the other way to ask if the Butterfly House would let me visit and to make plans for the littles. When I got there I sat for a while dripping in sweat because it`s a greenhouse. I tried to rescue a butterfly with only one wing placing it on the fruit. At least it can have pineapple for its last meal.

I went home and tried to read then helped mop in the kitchen. I don`t know why I am feeling so fat because I am totally eating less. Maybe it`s the pineapple sessions we seem to have daily. Mmmm I love it. I could eat it always but as Mike says, I would probably get sores in my mouth.

Next day I was up early again just before the sisters started singing…so 6 I guess. I lazed in bed until it was time to go to prayer. Learned some Swahili today. If someone says: Sasa…The reply: Feet. I also learned that there is always more rice to be sorted. Had a really nice chat with Janet and learned all about Kenyan dowry and cows and goats. She spoke about her marriage and family and I realized how differently we grew up.

Then after a light lunch of green gram soup, I read for a while in bed. While I was sorting rice, Kate told Jon and I all about what it`s like to be a nun. Five came quickly and I was only half done sorting. I rushed off to catch the bus to Karen with the gang. We jumped on a matatu and headed to dinner.

The music in the Ethiopian restaurant was authentic and I wish I could remember the word for thankyou…it was long. Anyway, the server came by with a portable handwashing center complete with soap and warm water which he proceeded to pour over our hands. This was by and far a great thing as we all ate from the same platter ripping and tearing the spongy thin sour dough type bread (injera is known as holy bread) and mopping up the meats. The sampler platter was well worth it at a measly 350 shil. On the menu were all sorts of biblical facts. Apparently Ethiopia was mentioned in the bible 33 times.

So we jumped a bus home which was way nicer and more comfy than a matatu and almost the same price…only 10 sch more. Arm in arm, Susan and I navigated home with her flashlight making jokes with Jon and Kev all the way. It was a very dark walk and if we wouldn`t have been supporting each other, I know my clumsiness would have slipped me up.

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