Singing Sisters and Rice Dreams – Karen, Kenya

I woke very early to the sisters singing. There are four sisters who live in the apartment directly above me and they sing every morning which would be ok but…well, 6am is too early. Laid there until 7 then up and around. Off to school. Check out supply room in first block. After tea, we all had to attend a nutrition talk near the kitchen. Sat in the sun with Janet despite my inclination to move into the shade. I was a bit upset with myself for not trusting my instincts it as it got hotter and hotter. I couldn’t remove my black sweater cuz all I was wearing underneath was a black tanktop which is not suitable here. Anyway it turned out ok because we left halfway through.

I took my class around the yard collecting leaves then decorated the papertree which I had drawn to cover the whole door. It was successful and fun activity that I remembered doing when I was little. Then we paraded around the playground doing animal imitations. Sat around in the sun and Janet introduced me to Geoff who is supposed to take me out on Sunday night. It`s an event at a bar called Supersoul. Ok, whatever that is. Apparently it`s like soul night but even more.

So, then a nice gecko decides to hang out in my sink and although I wasn`t really scared. I called to see if they could get him out. I mean, maybe they have some kind of protocol for these things. Hilary ended up just grabbing him out…and he broke his tail. I was pretty upset about it but I guess it will grow back a new one. So I didn`t really have my appetite after that but I somehow managed to stomach it the stew (which was it my imagination…tasted fishy?) and the rice. I was going to go to Karen but for some reason I laid down instead. I slept for about 1.5 hours. Woke when Valeria came in so I shoed up and padded my way down to Karen.

I was happy to figure out the supermarket secret of Coke. So you walk in and grab a 15 schilling coke and drink it while your shopping then return the empty at the checkout for 10 and it ends up being only 5 schillings (8 cents) Sweet! Like little tricks like that. It`s funny that Diet Coke is twice the price of regular Coke. Weird. I am still leery about it all in general anyway tho and try not to drink too much since I heard that in high temperature it can turn into toxic chemicals…something about formaldehyde…isn`t that what preserves dead people? Ewww. I think about that every time I see a pop truck barreling down the road baking in the sun.

So then made the walk back then dropped stuff off in my room and away to kitchen to help. I was sorting rice today. Like millions of grains. Took me about 2.5 hours but it was really quite good. Listened to music and it went by relatively quickly…or did it. Got white rice dust powder all over me but wow, what an accomplishment. Tonight, I wouldn`t be surprised if I end up having Rice Dreams…haha. Doing these kinds of mindless things allows me time to think.

Didn`t I think about what I am going to do at the end? Am I going to be bored? What can I do to top this? Will I go through a heavy depression? Will I feel like I have done it all? I felt like that before tho so…who knows? Maybe my secret goal to find a little spot somewhere in the middle of nowhere. And live there quietly. Maybe write. If so many people in this world can live on nothing, surely I can. Find some beach. Or some island. I would have a little garden. Live on the basics. Could I? What am I doing? Planning my escape from the world? Basically, I don`t have to ever go home if I don`t want to. That is what I am saying. So I could end up saying this was just a warm up. Then I could go again.

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