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Sick butterflies for sick kids – Karen, Kenya

Today was a good day. My finger is cut, I am covered in dishwater and my hairs a mess….but I am happy.

I woke up with a start (had bad dreams) having slept in….it was 820, so much for meditating altho I don`t know if I would have anyway. Maybe it`s a night thing…still remember feeling really sick and uncomfortable last time…sweaty and stuff…it wasn’t good at all. So I even missed morning prayer, which also was bad. I gobbled down my left over porridge and barely even tasted it. So I went to class but I was barely there still a little disturbed from the faint shadow of the nightmares. Talked with Janet a bit and she had noticed that I wasn`t myself and asked me if I was annoyed at someone. I blamed it on the wallet being stolen business. I called my bank at break and got a new card sent out. I felt a bit better after tea. I had a nice talk with Janet about how fun it would be to travel together. read more

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