Trip to the city – Nairobi, Kenya

So on Friday, it was a holiday Moi Day. I tried to sleep in a bit and after lunch went to go to Nairobi. Jon was going to come with us but didn’t want to wait so he left early. V and I walked to Karen and I began to wonder if I should have brought so much stuff with me. I asked her how safe it was and she said it was fine. I had with me my journal, small bible, minidisk player, and wallet all in my orange purse. I was thinking more along the lines of getting my purse ripped off or being mugged. So after we jumped on the mathatu, I slipped my wallet in one back pocket and the loose MD player in the other. I buttoned up the MD player one but because we were so squished in (there was barely room to breathe) I waited on the other.

Anyway, I sat there thinking about how riding in a matatu wasn`t half as bad as I had heard. There was no blaring music and I didn`t really feel scared at all. It was just a little crowded but that made it easier to read buddy beside me`s newspaper. Anyway, when it was time to get off, it was a bit of a scramble and somewhere in there, my wallet and bible, both black leather rectangles, were gone. Now the bible was IN my purse so I don`t know how that happened. The wallet, I reasoned, MAY have fallen out but unlikely.

I realized it just as soon as the matatu pulled off and tore down the street. Just like in Berlin when the Ubaun pulled off. I was upset but not half as upset as V thought I should be. She said if it were her she’d be crying. I just cant get the phrase “no use crying over spilt milk” out of my head. I admit I was a bit down but mostly very annoyed with myself. Because it was really my own carelessness. It didn’t help (and I HATE it when people do this after the fact) that V kept rubbing it in saying “WHY would you bring everything with you??” We looked for an internet café that was open finally finding one on the 4th floor of this older office building. I didn’t really write many emails as I wasn’t in the mood. I got a friend who was on messenger to help me report some of the lost credit cards. Also found out the rate was CAD 0.58 to 100 shillings. More expensive than I thought.

Anyway, I stopped in a store to buy some yarn to make the bracelets but V was trying to hurry me along. She is very nervous about walking in the dark. I really don’t feel it. At this very moment, I can smell the heavy right before the rain air. It smells like mud waiting to happen. I love that. Everything is still. There are big rain clouds hovering overhead. I would love for a big active storm. But not a flood.

So finally we made it home just in time for supper. I spent the rest of the night trying to email and call to take care of the rest of the cards. I don’t know why I am so optimistic that someone would return it. Maybe because it has happened so many times in other places. I just really want to believe that someone would bring it back. It doesn’t really matter I guess now that I know that it didn’t have anything irreplaceable in it.

So I don’t know why but I was soooo thirsty. I was disappointed not to do the fire poi due to all the commotion of the lost wallet but I don’t think Nicholas remembered to get out any kerosene anyway. It was a very uneventful full moon night. I barely looked at it.

Saturday was spent up early with a quick chat to Stacy but the line was really bad. Then I tried to do some bracelets with the kids…it went all a bit pearshaped. I couldn’t keep up with the amount of kids coming and then they didn’t have the ability, attention span or discipline to learn. Then I was getting irritated by the constant “CarMELLA!!!” all around me. And then some were actually hanging off me from all angles and it was killing my legs and back. Finally I had I ended the activity and went to my room to lay down. I tried. I was really happy tho when Faith came along and showed me a completed bracelet! She did so well. It was encouraging that at least one got it. I think the older girls would have no problem.

This cute coy little sparrow looking bird with khaki wings and attentive eyes, curiously cocks its head at me from behind the oversize brownish red drooping leaves.

So I woke this AM and lazed around until shower at 915 then off to Mass. Then I ate my vegetables and then lunch. Rasheed one of the younger volunteers asked if I would like to take a walk. I said he was welcome to come along to Karen with Kate and I to do email. He came and we walked the long red dusty road to all the closed shops. Oh well. I think I should try and do the walk everyday. Its at least 45 mins return so will help me feel a little more active. Didn’t think about the altitude here…I wonder how it will affect my appetite? The mozzie net is working like a charm. So I am sleeping well and no new bites….that I have noticed anyway. The dogs inspect the grass in front just in case there is a patch they haven’t doodooed in. I have stopped meditating over the last few days. I should be starting again.

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