Bug Patrol – Nairobi, Kenya

This morning I was pretty tired, even to mediate was not that productive (is that ironic?) but I was glad to see that we had Mass. So we all piled into the schoolhouse and listened to Kevins story about taking the bag to heaven. Heaven and a handbag. It was funny because it really made me think about how little I care about my possessions. The point was to be prepared for heaven. I guess, that this is all like prep time for the kids to learn about death.

So after mass, we sat in the room watching videos. For like almost two hours. Some weird English guy telling what you do when you get up. Yawn, stretch, wash your face, clean your teeth, brush your hair, get dressed. I smirked as I only do a few of those. I got the idea from Anns yarn bit to find some to teach the kids how to make bracelets. Kate was jumping around like a lunatic and the kids were just kinda staring at her not following her lead at all. I tried to be an example and make an effort but found myself one of the only ones singing along too. She was so excited, trying so hard, writing the words on the board and everything. She reminded me so much of mom with her grandkids. So much. It was adorable and embarrassing at the same time. I really need to get over that. What makes me feel embarrassed for them? It`s the same way I would feel for mom but I guess I do it too now. Act silly, I mean. Who cares what people think? Just have fun, be happy. I began picturing the adults on the kids shows over acting and pictured them out for beers or coffee…acting like grownups. It was kinda funny.

During tea, I just read my book in my room then waited for the kids to get into the classroom. But I kept checking and it never happened. My feet are so dirty. So after, I found out that my baby class was playing in the playground all second half. I ate an avocado then wrote and read the rest of the afternoon. I jumped on the bus to Karen and did some internet which has a slightly better connection than the one on site. Then I bought a ton of stuff…1000 schillings worth. Soya sauce, chips, Milo cereal, yogurt, milk, mushroom soup, mango chutney, and vegetables. Oh ya, and TP (toilet paper) which you have to buy singly. Weird. 17 schillings per roll of bright blue. I went for dinner and had lentil soup with chicken bits. I couldn`t help wondering whether this was not the chicken that Peter killed the other day. One of the young boys in a fit of rage killed one of the chickens and it seems to have become Kates pet project to counsel him on it.

Tonight I had to go on a serious bug patrol. Man, I am going to look like a bad case of the measles. These dogs are driving me mad. Why do they do this? All night! My love for dogs is dwindling just as quickly as it came. I want to chase after them all day because all they do is sleep then bark all night. Lucky I have earplugs.

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