With a little help – Nairobi, Kenya

Today I woke and meditated which is something I am trying to get in the habit of now. When I arrived to class I got a surprise because hooray! there was Janet! She has been volunteering here for a while and the kids listen to her. She showed me where the workbooks were and had them doing letters and numbers. Altho I did notice that she practices no tolerance. At the first sign of trouble….Michael was gone in the first 3 minutes. Then 3 more were off to their cottages. No wonder! She gets rid of the trouble makers right in the beginning but still I admired that she had control over them. I suppose it also helps to know their language. I was a bit lost and stood there dumb because I really couldn’t understand anything she was saying them.

Then after the tea break, we went for a walk to the gate which took up a whole hour. See? So many little tricks I didn`t know about that could have helped. Threaten cottage detention, walks, and ofcourse getting their names is always useful. So maybe I can do this after all.

For the afternoon I really didn`t do much. Jon came looking for me to go to Karen, which is the town about a half hour walk away from our isolated property. I didn`t feel like it but instead of lounging around I went to see if I could help Kate. She was having a bad day so I ducked into her class and did maths with 5 boys. Francis, John, Thomas, Luke and…and…ug. Almost remembered them all. Anyway, they got crazy and excited and by accident stomped my foot which began bleeding. I yelped pretty loud which ended that session. Kate sent everyone to their cottages. It was strange how when you get hurt, everyone hears about it and says sorry for the next two days.

I have taken to resting/ short naps in the afternoon…I must be getting old or something. I was pretty annoyed with the email which took forever to get nowhere because of the terrible connection. After supper, which was kale and liver and the corn stuff, I hit 2 cottages. Its cool to tuck them in because they seem so happy to see me. I like that they remember my name and I am impressed with myself for doing so well remembering theirs.

Lately I have been just get these random thoughts/memories popping into my head. Not bad ones tho. I am going to try jotting them down because they are good to think about. There is so much to think about. Sometimes I feel like I have been wandering mindlessly through life and filing it all away for later.

So after the cottages we had another fruit session which is when all the volunteers get together and eat fruit and visit. The pineapples here are soooo yum. Juicy like crazy, so sweet and only`100 schillings! As much as I tried to get all the mozzies before I went to bed(there were so many), I still missed one which got my neck. Twice. I looked like a vampire chomped me. Good thing that they are not malaria brand.

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