Bedtime Stories – Nairobi, Kenya

So then I ate lunch which was a funny green vegetable that I had never tasted before but was something like kale and a spongy foam looking tasteless bread called ugali. It was time for a nap. I was knackered. They really took it out of me but more my mental and emotional state couldn’t take anymore for the time being.

After a very restful afternoon, we had a going away party for Mark and all the kids sang and gave presents and cards. Then as they had heard about my computer skills, I agreed to help Susan and Kate with their internet. I am having a bit of an adjustment to being around people…the same people…so much and being stable in one spot. I guess I didn`t realize how it would affect me. I surprise myself. So I am growing. And part of me feels overjoyed and so excited. I know this is big. And part of me is scared. What if I am not good enough? Well, then I will become good enough. Besides, I don`t think that that all these signs that have pointed me here, were for nothing.

I am really happy to be here and feel lucky. The others are really kind and I don`t see any major personality conflicts. So after I did a bit of internet, we (all the volunteers) made some scrambled eggs for supper which turned out really salty but the ketchup helped balance it. Then we ate rice pudding for dessert which was was soooo yum.

I read bedtime stories to the kids in two of the cottages. In this quieter and calmer environment (the housemothers close by who are not afraid to punish the children) its easier to learn their names. They were so good for storytime, showing me that they are capable of behaving. Afterwards, I stared up at Mars which is a large bright dot beside the moon, as I swung on the swings in the dark playground. Jane and Joseph ran by on their way to bed yelling goodnight to me as they passed…I feel safe here.

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