Looking over the sea at Saudi Arabia – Dahab, Egypt

I was having great fun hanging around just soaking up the thick loungyness of Sinai. Even tho everyone was going snorkeling and diving I really didn`t feel the need. The conditions weren`t optimal and I am pretty sure I will be back. This was just a quick stop on the way to Cairo but I could see how some can get stuck here for weeks or months.

It`s easy to lose time although if it`s a party scene your after, well let us just say I am glad I got it out of my system in London. This place was more like the chill out room at the rave. A bunch of deadheads loafing with not a care in the world except for what shall I eat, drink or smoke next.

I was taking a stroll when I guy on a horse approached me to see if I would like a ride. I didn`t have anywhere to be so I listened to his spiel. I began to drift as I began to envision myself galloping along the Red Sea, wind through my hair, Saudi Arabia`s mountains in the distance just over the gulf until I was jolted out of my daydream by ” blah blah blah…beautiful Carmella…blah blah”

“What did you just say?” I demanded thinking I must have heard wrong, but when you hear your name, its pretty distinct. I was suspicious when he told me that the horse he was trying to rent me was called Carmella and as I looked around for the prankster I realized that no one knew me as I had only been here a few hours. It was too bizarre but yes, there was her name written on the saddle. Also available to ride here are the graceful but dorky looking camels but well, I have to admit it looked a little boring to me.

There were some charming little girls selling handmade bracelets for much less than the stores. That`s another thing about Egypt. It`s easy to get ripped off if you aren`t clever with your shopping skills. But there are definitely some really great deals to be had and some beautifully crafted work.

Danny took Kelly and I to an enchanting little place he knew called Friends where after picking my fresh fish, I sipped on my creamy iced coffee (which was more like a cross between a sundae and shake) while grazing on the Mediterranean style appetizers.

We were enthralled by Dannys stories of being held up gunpoint in a war torn Zimbabwe when suddenly we all stopped silent. Simultaneously we all raised our eyebrows at each other all having detected the odor of freshly smoked hash. As we glanced around curiously, we noticed many other tables inconspicuously searching for the source as well. Perhaps it was the cats. They were darting around like mad and sure seemed to have the munchies as they weaved their lithe bodies around our legs.

We were dazzled by the ambiance created by the tranquil glow of the candles and the soothing yet funky vibey beats. After our meal, we reclined on our cushions and I tuned out. It appeared there was an ever so subtle flirtatious connection unfolding before my very eyes so I graciously bowed out of the convo. I watched the dense darkness of the night reflected in the calm water just beyond our table. I exhaled a deep contented sigh and marinated in the moment which was one I wanted to remember for a long time.

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