Just breathe, man – Haifa, Israel

Ok I really can`t write much at the moment. This mosquito is going to get it bad when I can catch him…grrrr….anyway, I just wanted to check in quick. Everyone is insanely worried about me being in Israel but relax, calm down, no worries, chill. It`s ok. Things are fine and I am not being kidnapped, bombed, tortured or threatened in any way. It`s very normal here save for all the uniform wearing, rifle toting, sunglasses wearing (and not bad looking, I might add) soldiers everywhere. You wouldn’t even know you were in a “politically sensitive” country.
My main concern is the blaring sun pasting my clothes to my wet skin and turning my face into a brighter shade of pink. It`s really hot and I am having a hard time adjusting to the air conditioning. I am just not so good at going from cold to warm to cold again.

But I have a nice movie I made in Haifa the other day which is situated on Mount Carmel…yay! My mountain! Keep cool and rest assured that YES I am being careful. As long as careful translates into NOT running around screaming terrorist threats or asking the soldiers advice on how to best to shoot an automatic weapon. Really, I haven`t stubbed my toe once and that’s as careful as I get!

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