Daily Archives: 2003-09-18

Into Israel – Tel Aviv, Israel

Just a quick note that I landed safe and soundly in Tel Aviv. I was just in time for the beautiful bright sun heavily ascending over the horizon splashing rays of intense peach hues through the spots of morning cloud. I am exhausted from the night flight so I will write more when my head is less fuzzy.

Oh by the way, as I was running for my flight last night I past by a duty free electronics store just as they were shutting and thought, what the heck, why not just “look”. Well, needless to say, they had a digital camera sale happening. I ended up making the split decision to buy yet another (this is number 3 now), vowing this time to be more careful. I noticed that there was one camera that was waterproof but I just opted for the guarantee instead. So more pics to come…yay!

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