Canadiana (not Canadia) – London, United Kingdom

So I met up with Sonya and Andy then with Mark, Sam, Jason and Susan and we all made our way down to the Thames River for some mayors` festival. We ended up getting just a little confused and lost but somehow finally got there where there were heaps of little booths selling everything from food to jewellery to used books to clothing to well, you name it.

I bought a book of Humour , Wit and Wisdom written in 1882 curious to know how much things have (or haven`t) changed with the times. I also found a toy table with bubbles and dress-up clothes so we ended up with red springy fuzzy antennas and bouncy rabbit ears. This is a good idea with a big group as you will always be able to find each other if you get lost, which did happen.

Next we made our way over the river to the Canadian bar called the Maple Leaf. Yay! I had visited the Canadian Embassy the other day and met some fellow Canucks who were more than eager to discuss the merits of Canadiana so I figured this would be a happy place too. I was right. Altho Sonya and I were the only true Canadians, we all fit in quite nicely nestling our way into a corner round table making friends with the current occupants. Hey, it was a big table and there were only two of them and besides, they had fries they wanted to share!

We shared stories and tips on mounties, maple syrup, hockey and explained poutine. Slowly everyone filtered out but not before unanimously declaring that Canadian beer rocks! Then there were three. S, A and I went back to Belsize Park and got ready to go out. I told you it was going to be a long weekend.

We arrived at Turnmills at about midnight after having yet MORE tube troubles finally ending up on the bus afterall. Turnmills was hosting an event called Heat so things were getting pretty packed up quickly. Even the guestlist queue wasn`t that short. Inside was really cool with 5 different kinds of music and even more rooms. It was downstairs and it seemed to go on forever.

There was a large darkened crowded heavy trancey type room where the blobs of spaced out ravers more or less swelled in and out like a kelp garden. Then there was high roofed gymnasium type (even the floor was hardwood reminding me of those much dreaded classes of phys.ed runnning around and around following the colored lines) techno room where trainer sporting energy bugs hyperly bounced up and down like popcorn in a pressure cooker. This was my fav room. Since there were mirrors everywhere so I could dance with someone just like me (me) even tho I had trouble keeping up sometimes. That girl has energ-e! This is where S and A found me at the end of the night just as my legs gave out sliding me down the wall into a crumpled heap but grinning from ear to ear.

Sonya and Andy spent most of their time in the smaller acidy jazz type room with a café type atmosphere where people were just kind of floating around “feeling the groove, man”. Then there was an upbeat disco like room which was packed but we didn’t stay long because the pictures on the TV were really out there and I would forget to dance because I was trying too hard to figure out what the heck they were playing on the screen. There was a chilled out bar area where there were lounges and tables for people to rest relax and whatever (‘can’t talk, comin’ down’). Sonya called it the tree room because it was a bit like a mystical forest with the eccentric lighting and decor.

I wandered from room to room as my mood changed and I thought that this would be the perfect place for someone with a short attention span. All in all I really liked the décor, variety and atmosphere. I still wasn’t finished by the time we had to leave but hey, there is always next time. At least I got my work out in.

It was cool that the club actually had drivers for us and Bob-O explained to us that they contract them out and have them waiting to drive us home at the end of the night. Sonya and I discussed how we would have never guessed that 14 years ago when we met, both being the new kids at school knowing no one (instant bonding), we would be here now. Funny how things work out. Not funny ha ha…Funny Goooooood. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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