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It has been a hurry hurry stop kind of few weeks. There was a cold bug making its way around finally making its way into my head which floored me for a few days. I didn’t mind too much altho I was pretty isolated and the only thing I could do really was sleep and read.

I jumped the gun a bit and tried to go down to busy shopping mecca Oxford Street to do a bit of perusing but after only an hour I began to fade and fast! I started feeling like my head was going to float away from my clammy body and things looked and sounded fuzzy. I then realized I hadn’t eaten. Aha! That must be it!

I ducked into Sainsburys and spent the next 2 hours wandering around like a lost puppy. You know those days when you just can`t decide what to eat so you end up carrying around certain items then taking them back to their spot on the shelf only to have second (and third and fourth) thoughts returning to retrieve them again? Ok. Maybe its just me then. And maybe it was the medication. All I know is that the security guard (why in a grocery store you might ask? It`s London and I guess people have been known to lift the odd loaf or lettuce) was eyeing me very carefully by my 16th round.

Sod it! I will stick to what I know. Well, not really. But it was the easiest way out. Dinner for Two Chinese food. They have these wonderful ready made packets containing several dishes and appetizers that can be ready in 20mins. Well, they aren`t the most tasty and certainly not the most healthy but I was beginning to contemplate laying down on the floor for a little naptime before having to make any major decisions. I figured the guard would probably not look upon this kindly so I clutched my selection and made my way to the checkout.

I surveyed the other people in lines` groceries and found that this must be a common theme. No time to cook so everyone is eating ready made instant micro express meals in London proper. Glad that this is not a habit because I think it could get old fast.

The next day I pretty much slept and looked out my window at Hampstead Heath which is a huge park filled with trees and stuff. I say stuff because the closest I got was staring at it from my tenth floor but there seemed to be a pretty castley type building in the middle of it.

The next day I was feeling a bit better but didn`t really want to push it so I walked a block and caught the number 24 bus. I paid my pound (£1 is about $2.25 CAD) and climbed up to the top front seat of the double decker bus. The next few hours I listened to my minidisc while enjoying a scenic tour of London including Camden Town, Leicester Square, Trafalger Square and even the Thames. I was entertained by the locals and tourists who got on and off all around me and felt quite happy that I had actually accomplished something (albeit nothing major) today.

Next day I felt just about healed but I kept a low profile until the evening when I made my way to Camden Town with Kam (who was just getting the nasty cold I just got over) for a few drinks at this funky little bar which actually had a wicked DJ even on a Thursday nite. It was a long and narrow setup but the atmosphere was good. An early night to rest up for a busy busy weekend.

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