Total Mayhem – London, United Kingdom

Julie, Brian, and I headed out on the tube down to Brixton to check out The Fridge, one of London`s best clubs. I didn`t make it here last year so I made sure that I took a trip down to the end of the Victoria line. This Friday night we would check out Total Mayhem, an event similar to Gatecrasher (see entry 27).

It was only 11:15 and the place was just beginning to fill so I got a really good idea of the set up. Everything pretty much fans out from the stage with little passageways heading into secret rooms (some are called chill out rooms because they either have quieter slower music or none at all…good to catch your breath) all over the place. By the end of the night I still hadn’t found all of them despite my diligent exploring.

Lights, strobes and lasers beamed over the dance floor and the black lights made anything light colored glow brightly. Hard house pounding the crowd into a frenzy with the hyper thumping bass. Faster, quicker, harder…pumping into an accumulation of intense energy quaking through the building. Just when I feel I may collapse breathless and devoured, one last thundering boom explodes into softness.

Hundreds of hands reaching up bathed in a deep emerald light emanating from the stage where the DJ stands. Countless delicate bubbles drift down from the ceiling tenderly kissing my balmy skin melting into the beads of perspiration. I bend and twist stretched, relieving my tensed throbbing muscles breathing in deeply to draw in refreshing oxygen. I drain my water bottle in one thirsty gulp quenching my parched throat which feels like a heat wave in the Sahara. After only a few short minutes my heart has synchronized with the calming mellow tempo pulsing out of the speakers surrounding the club.

This cycle goes on for hours building into a hysterical delirium peaking then breaking into a passionate lull. At one point they released loads of balloons into the mass of ravers who gleefully bounced around launching them about finally stomping and popping them all. The special effects were awesome and the dancers were class.

I was impressed by the act put on by the metallic blue painted man bounding around the stage like a crazed animal. It was eerie but fascinating when he peeled out of a thin gooey layer of gel-like skin. There was plenty of space to play glow stix poi and I even learned a few new trix. We stayed until almost 6 then wearily climbed into a cab and zoomed through the empty streets home but not before seeing David Blaine`s lit up coffin like magic act in the distance floating in midair. Some people say that your first clubbing/raving experience is always best but I have to conclude that yes, this night, was better than Heaven.

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