Sunday Session – East London, United Kingdom

After a very relaxing week of unwinding I made my way back into London to get wound up again. As I sat on the bus I looked out the window at the baby blue sky crisscrossed and spotted with white puffy clouds. It looked like massive clawmarks through the atmosphere with the amount of jet trails that scraped their way to Heathrow. It was kind of like daytime shooting stars in slow motion.

I fell right back into the thick of things back at Victoria Station studying my tube map intently as the world rushed by on their way to who knows where Even Sundays are busy in London. It was like I was just here yesterday as I waited for the tube, all of the smells and sensations familiar in every way. I found it funny that here I was heading into East London again. Didn’t I just spend almost a month near an East London in the southern hemisphere?

I met up with old friends from last year and met my new housemates for the next few days. We had a brief chat before heading out to west London to a “session”. Basically, one pound per drink and free BBQ in a bar full of antipodeans (this is the term London used to describe Aussies, Kiwis and South Africans abroad) listening to very loud music. We were celebrating Helens` going away party as she is off to North America to travel after her stint in England for the past year.

It seemed like everyone at our table was from western Australia but I could overhear accents from all over. I really should have savoured the fact that I could hear because it`s been almost two days and my ears are still ringing. It`s as if someone has put a bag over my head and I feel like I am walking in a muted cloud. It was a cool feeling to walk out of the bar into daylight on our way home. I seem to have dropped into the right house because we all seem to be a little bit silly and understand each other`s humour well enough. And guess what! How lucky were we to see just below the clouds as dusk set in, beautiful planet Mars peaking out at us. Ok, so maybe you can see bright planets in London but can you see stars?

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