Thats what friends are for – Andover, United Kingdom

Well there is certainly something to be said for old friends. I haven`t really seen anyone from home for over a year and well, it was a real treat to be able to meet up with some here in England. I missed my best friends` wedding a few months ago so I was quite excited to spend some quality time with her and her new husband. It`s so weird to think of her as Sonya the wife. I am so used to thinking of her as Sonya the crazy fun chick who has way too much insurance on me.

As soon as I arrived into London I scooted right over to Andover where Sonya, Andy and Joan fetched me and we went for an English breakfast. We had some time to kill before the movie started so we did a bit of furniture shopping which was really weird for me as it took me back, way back to when I was furnishing my house. Domestic things as such are really so foreign now.

Sonya and Andy are like two peas in a pod and I really couldn`t be happier that they found each other. I mean, Sonya, like me is a bit of a rare bird and has flown into her share of telephone wires. Me, I opt for the electrical kind but that’s a different story. (those plaid pants were really pants, hey Son?? I mean…trousers..right…I am in England again) Private jokes are just so much more fun when there are people to share them with.

Joan was visiting as well so we caught up on all the stories and I laughed so hard I was crying at the gong show going on at home. It`s nice to know that somethings never change. Even tho she is picking up some of the English accent, Sons` humour is still the same. But even better is that Andy`s jokes had me rolling around in stitches all week. Even a simple trip to the grocery store becomes a comedy but I am not sure if the check out girl was entertaining us or we were entertaining her. Anyway, my point is that when you are with good friends, even the simplest most mundane things become fun and exciting.

It was such a nice break to just be able to relax and let go. I loved being able to wake up to a quiet house, make a cuppa and take the dog for a walk. Toby, their new puppy is a bundle of happy energy and there is something very therapeutic about spending time with animals. The sun was still low in the morning sky and the air was crisp yet warm. I was amazed at how comforting this past week has been. It`s like living a postcard from home moment.

I got a packet from home including pics my nephews drew for me and a letter from my dad which made my day even better (is it possible?). We did all the things that best friends do like having a beach day, watching movies, pub nites, club nites, girl chats, baseball games, drives through the country, walks under the stars (yes we got to see stars and Mars!), BBQs, and sleepover parties. I loved reminiscing about the good ol` days and then all of a sudden it hit me that one day, we would be reminiscing about today.

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