All the stars in London – London, United Kingdom

Have you ever taken a night flight and watched the stars? Honestly, there is nothing like it. My flight boarded at 7pm and I didn’t get into London until 5am so I had hours and hours of stargazing. There is something surreal about looking down at the stars rather than up as we usually do. I propped the airline pillows under my head and created a little tent with the blankets to block out any light from the plane. It was just me and the galaxy.

I wondered how many people below were gazing up at the same time. I know that whenever I hear a plane passing over I can`t seem to help glancing up. Even tho we may have been seeing the same constellations, somehow it felt special to be somewhat slightly closer. When you are in a big city (I don`t think I have ever seen a starry night in London) you see a few stars if your lucky.

Better to go out to the countryside which is what I would do during the Northern Lights or during a meteorite shower. Better yet is going to a remote island in the middle of the sea. But even better than that? Admiring the universe from up above and seeing most spectacular illumination that I have witnessed in my life.

I know it was just my imagination but I could almost hear the shooting stars as they blazed through the vast darkness. Some cut through space like lightning and some just seemed to glide gracefully like a soft brush stroke of an artists masterpiece. Immersed in the lightshow I watched as the trail of cosmic dust crisscrossed the heavens. My eyes were heavy but I forced myself to stay awake. As the plane began to descend into dawn, the wing slicing through the smokey clouds, I bid farewell to the cosmos…for now.

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