Coco-nutter Races – Mahe, Seychelles Islands

Light powder granules bleached by the fierce sunbeams. Intermittent breezes push the cotton-ball clouds through the sky like a tumbleweed skimming across the desert. Except slower. Everything is slower here. The lukewarm sea water graduates from sapphire blue to ultramarine to lime green. It ends up the color of the tea I drank this morning with just a tad too much milk making it a deep beige where the hypnotic ocean scoops up the beach in a whirling billowy tumble of grainy surf. It creeps dangerously close to my toes but I don`t mind when it finally slurps up to my ankles leaving behind bubbly boots covering my feet.

I take a long even breath exhaling slowly as I watch two football sized chestnut brown coconuts are trying to make it onto the beach. They take turns tottering on the smooth sand then toppling back awkwardly into the foamy surf. I wage mental bets on which giant coffeebean will reach the top first. I remember a time when I wasn`t able to think about such things. I would not have been able to clear or quiet my mind to watch something so trivial. Infact I probably would have felt so guilty thinking about such nonsense when I had responsibilities, bills, work, obligations, and all the clutter I used to fill my days with. Now I can think about the coconuts with such a clarity and let the little things take precedence. After all, it is the little things that matter right?

I met Ken who is building a house here for his family and gets to come here every year. What a life! We drove around the island and I saw flowers that I had never seen before in every shape and color. I noticed that there were calm lagoons to laze in or thrashing waves to body surf, just depending on your mood. There is something really special about this place. I mean, the water is so warm and the sand is so soft. It`s such a cliche really but I think this would be many peoples idea of paradise.

The friendly people were really kind to me going out of their way to make sure I was comfortable. The people here are mostly French but are warm and welcoming even if you don`t speak their language. Perhaps on of my favorite things was laying on the beach at night watching the stars. Being so far out there are no city lights to obstruct my view of heaven. And Mars which is closer to the earth than it has been in tens of thousands of years is radiating so brightly. It absolutely dwarfs everything else in the sky save for our precious moon.

I just laid there staring up. You know how when you keep looking at one spot in the sky for a long time you begin to see more and more and more stars? I wondered how far they go. I thought about all the shooting stars I have seen in my lifetime and wondered how there could still be so many up there.

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