Sal Sells Seychelles by the Sea Shore – Mahe, Seychelles Islands

I decided to take a small detour on my way to London and stop in the Seychelles for a few days. The plane ride was a bit tedious but luckily I was able to block out the problem with movie I blasted in my ears which took up almost the whole plane ride. The whole plane (and it was a 747 but not all 400 seats were full) seemed to be all honeymooners and couples.

All except for this one family of five which consisted of two oblivious parents with three bratty boys who terrorized anyone within 10 feet. They were fighting the whole time (hitting each other and screaming) about who got more chocolate bars than the other…and they each had these huge family size packs of about 15 bars of chocolate. It made me sick to see such greed. I wanted to stick them in a shantytown or township for an hour so they could see just how ridiculous they were being.

I felt sorry for the flight attendants who were at their wits end trying to control the monsters (and I don`t mean that affectionately either) even though the parents were sitting right there doing absolutely nothing. In the end, my aggravation turned to pity as I imagined the hard lessons these kids would have to learn one day. Anyway, sorry but I had to vent. One thing about traveling solo is that these thoughts and ideas bounce around your head with no release. Anyway.

I was very pleased to step off the plane and feel the hot sun beating down on my head. I took a deep breath of the moist sea air and felt the tickle of a single bead of perspiration rolling down the small of my back. The Seychelles are tiny tropical islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean that are so remote, that if you blink you would miss them. Good thing I didn`t blink because I think this is going to be a welcome recharge before I have to hit the big crazy busy London again.

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