Cookie Time – Nairobi, Kenya

I had the terrible grumpy unhelpful meanies all the way up until I boarded the plane in Joberg. I mean, problem after problem. It was ridiculous really and I was starting to wonder if I was on candid camera or something. Anyway, I felt tired, worn, hungry and spent as I plopped myself down on the stuffy plane thankful that at least there was no one sitting near me so I could stretch out and try and sleep it off. Nothing doin. I just wasn`t tired and who could sleep in this heat anyway.

I tried to talk to some people around me but no one was having it. I felt quite defeated wondering if this was the feeling people were talking about when they asked if I was not sick of travelling after so long. I thought hard about it and realized that this would be no matter where in the world I was… come on Carmella, pull yourself together. You know this is all about attitude.

I tried to amuse myself with thoughts of tickling the sock feet sticking out from the next isle…then I wondered how the guy in front of me would react if I plucked out one of his grey hairs. Hum…what would make me feel better…lets see. Tea! So I hunted down the flight attendant who said he would “organize that” for me.

I waited patiently at my seat and my thoughts turned to cookies. Oh how good a cookie would taste right now. Infact in the next 4 minutes I managed to convince myself that a cookie would be that answer to all of my problems. I would feel much better if only I could have a cookie. I was trying to think of a way to ask for one without sounding too greedy and demanding when lo and behold! Richard came with a tray containing tea and not one but THREE cookies!

I almost cried I was so happy and I think I may have scared him with how thankful I was. But its amazing how much a cookie can do when you are feeling like that. I did a happy dance and hummed munching my cookie and sipping my tea but unfortunately it was short lived. All of a sudden the cookie was gone and I was bored again.

I wondered why I had not planned anything at all for Kenya…I hadn`t even a guidebook or any idea of the language or geography or demographics. The most unprepared for the most challenging country so far…nice one Carmella. I didn`t even really think about it but as I watched the sunset on Mount Kilamanjaro from my oval window, I realized it would be dark by the time we touched down. Ok. I just kept thinking that faith the size of a mustard seed is supposed to be enough…how big exactly is a mustard seed anyway? And is that a Grey Poupon mustard seed or a Frenchs mustard seed?

I climbed down the stairs into the warm moist Nairobi air and as I peeled away my jumpers, was cheered up by the warmer climate. I wandered around the airport getting pulled this way and that, people trying to sell me safaris and accommodation. “When do you want to leave on your safari? You want to start tomorrow on your safari?” I tried politely to tell them that I didn`t even know I was going on a safari but they informed me that “Oh yes you are.” Ok then.

I guess deep down I knew I would have to do one here because I didn`t manage to get to a safari in South Africa. But well, I wasn`t expecting to have all these safari salesmen bombarding me before I even figured out what the currency was. My head was spinning and so I promised I would look things over and make some decisions in the next few days. I am quite excited tho to find out that I have made it JUST IN TIME for the mass migration. Apparently, this is the most amazing wildlife spectacle on the planet and I am smack in the middle of it. For once, my timing is bang on!

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