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Impromtu Township Tour – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Mandy, Warren, and I took a day trip over to St. Francis to check out the surf and dine on some calamari by the wharf. The weather wasn’t really cooperating and it started to rain bringing a chill in the air as well. I did however get to see the stretch of beach made famous by the movie Endless Summer, a surfing legend which I finally watched.

We headed over to watch the fishermen hauling in their catches while we ate some of the best calamari I have ever tasted. It wasn’t chewy at all and had the most delicate flavor making me wonder what on earth I have been eating up to this point when I would order squid. Yummy but now I have been spoiled as the seafood here in South Africa is so fresh it practically swims onto your plate. read more

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Lions Tigers and Bears Oh My! – Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

Sweet surfer girl Mackenzie patiently helped me unravel my head of braids which, to my surprise, had started dreading. I could have made a Chewbacka suit with the amount of hair that I lost while combing it out in the shower. Ya, a bit gross but lucky me, my crimped mane puffed out like a lion made for some interesting photo ops at the Lion Park. read more

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Happy Canada Day! – Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

I really enjoyed my quiet time in Keurboomstrand admiring the empty private beach. It was nice visiting with my gracious hosts, Grant, Elbie and their plethora of pets. I really didn`t do much except sit in the sand dunes watching the dolphins bound through the big waves.

Next stop was Jeffreys Bay. This town is just one huge Billabong store with the occasional fast food joint to keep things fluid. I checked in and immediately clicked with the flat full of surfers that I made home for a week. Whoever said that surfers were egotistical snobs didn’t meet my roomies who came from Brazil, Oz, and the States who welcomed me into their little groove. read more

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