Cycling, Swimming, Climbing, and Kloofing – Mkambati, South Africa

We made an early start after a hearty breakfast packed full of the energy we would need for the full day we have ahead of us. We jumped on our bikes and after carrying them over the river, we rode along the hard sand packed beach with the sun reflecting on the ocean. I thought about what perfect weather we had for this day. The sun beaming down and a very slight gentle breeze to dry the beads of perspiration on my back.

We cycled over the grassy Mkambati Nature Reserve stopping occasionally to gaze at the wildebeast and zebras. We took some dips in the cool fresh water to cool off from our steady ride. After taking a rest stop at horseshoe falls, we took a detour over a hill where we came up some very large herds of eland, blesboks and wildebeasts. Clumsy me, I came to a complete stop THEN lost my balance and fell off my bike scraping my leg up. We lunched at some huge waterfalls which poured into the bright green sea.

Kloofing is shimmying along rock faces, jumping from rocks and waterfalls into clear water pools. I held my breath bracing myself for the numbing chill as I jumped the 10 or so feet into the circular freshwater pool below but it really wasn`t that cold, considering we are in the middle of winter. I wondered how on earth I would have survived this day during the full tilt of the african summer heat.

I laid on the rocks completely isolated from anyone and drifted in and out of a semisleep state. I watched the fluffy lazy clouds intermittently shade the sun then let my eyes fall on the crystal cascading waterfall listening to the peaceful birdsong.

After a full day of cycling, climbing, swimming and walking, I thought that I would have no troubles falling to sleep. But kept company by the blaze of the shooting stars, I let my eyes explore the cosmos until the wee hours of the morn…Twinkle Twinkle Lekker Star…How I wonder what you are….

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